Moist Dreams

Gettin real after-dark in here if ya know what I mean~. Dreams are a rare thing for me at the best of times, and ones where things get a bit horny happen even less often. Here's the ones where I remembered enough to hopefully tell an interesting, funny, or inspiring story. During these, I am sometimes myself, other times Me But Hot(tm), and occasionally someone else entirely. I'll leave deciphering which as an exercize for you.

Bath Time

I went over to a classmate's house to do some 'studying'. She suggested that we take a bath together, apparently as excited by the prospect of seeing me naked as I was with her. We strip down, hop in, and start cleaning up. I've got such a nice view that I don't notice she's not exactly impressed.

She finds an excuse to grab a towel and leave the tub when her older sister barges in and says someone on the phone wants to talk to her.. But, she leaves for longer than it takes to have a conversation. I poke my head out of the open doorway to see her, still towel-clad, playing a board game or something with her sister. But, upon spotting me, she begrudgingly returns to finish the bath.

(I don't remember what happened following this.)

Student Lounge

I was at school, but desperately needed to get off. I'd tried to relieve my urges in a dark stairwell, but was interrupted by the sound of voices a few floors up. Not worth the risk.

I start exploring the campus to find a better place, when I come across a room with two double-doors at the end of a hallway. There's a few shower stalls at the back, and some folding tables have been set up. There's two guys here with a Nintendo 64 hooked up to a CRT playing Mario Kart. This must be the Student Lounge (which is obviously A Thing That Exists).

This place seems private enough with its showers. Since the other guys are occupied with their game, I strip down, leave my clothes folded up on one of the tables, and go to 'take a shower'.

However, it then dawns on me that the stall is only large enough to stand up in. If I kneel down to start doing the deed, those two are going to notice and immediately figure out what's going on. And then they'll make fun of me for being horny, and that'll be the worst thing ever :(

While I'm puzzling over how to make this work, I hear the doors being pushed open, followed by a lot of female voices. Girls are flooding in, my clothes are 15 feet away, and I'm hiding behind a thin plastic curtain with a raging boner.

(Woke up shortly after the dread set in.)

New House

My dad and I moved (a g a i n). I absolutely couldn't stand this place from the moment I entered it, but all I could do now was unpack. After getting a few things set up in my room, I decide to see about grabbing a shower.

The bathroom in this place is one of those absurdly large Rich People artsy bullshit designs and has a small maze composed entirely of glass walls. One more reason it pisses me off. But, I easily navigate it, stripping along the way, and start taking that shower.

After hearing a giggle, I open my eyes to find that my cute (and curvy) lady friend is visiting. She surprises me by offering to jump in, which I readily agree to - if anything can make this day better, it's going to be boobs! But, before she even manages to get her hoodie off, the kid she's babysitting knocks something over in the other room. As she walks back out, I'm a bit mad, but, maybe next time?

It's at this point I notice muffled laughter, and realize that not only does the bathroom have a floor-to-ceiling window, it's also not frosted or anything - just some regular-ass see-through glass. My neighbors have decided it'd be fun to step into my backyard and play Laugh At The Naked Guy. At first I'm thinking this is incredibly rude, but I then realize that I could get in trouble for this, despite them being the trespassers. The mere concept of that is so offensive that it wakes me up.


Don't remember where this one begins, but I had to briefly exit the shower, towel wrapped around my waist, to go do something. When I get back to the bathroom, I find it is now a long dining room with an extended Latino family eating dinner.. and the shower enclosure at the very end. I'm confused, but go along with it. Everyone seems to be ignoring me, so I just hang my towel back up on the glass box and keep on showering. Whatever.


I'm sitting on a bed, drying off, but quickly move the towel back to my lap when two giggly women open the door and start chatting me up. They leave after a brief conversation, and I figure, what the hell, let's have some fun with this. Ditching the towel along the way, I dash into the room the two now occupy with a playful, "Oh nooo! Did you see which way they went?" (to imply someone took the towel from me and ran)

(And then I wake up before anything fun can think about happening.)


This one took place behind the curtains of a performance theater. I was alone with one of the actresses after rehersal. She was chubby, but super cute, and quite easily talked me into undressing then and there - while peeling off her own tight costume as well.

After beckoning me closer, she wraps an arm around me and we start making out. Her other hand grabs one of mine and brings it to her ample chest. Of course, there's no stopping it - I'm hard pretty much immediately. When the kiss breaks, she can't help but notice, gets a huge grin, and tells me to wait here while she fetches a ruler.

For context, she was chatting with a friend earlier in the day, unaware that I was listening to them wondering how big I am. She'd bet for - and her friend against - it being at least 9" long.. Yeah, it isn't. But I'm so worried about disappointing her that I'm looking for a way out of this, and it's when I go to put on my clothes that I realize she took them with her.

I then panic-quit the dream, even though she probably wouldn't have actually cared too much? Like, damn, she got naked in front of me - relax, dummy.

lol sexless loser can't even get laid in his dreams

Hey. Don't fuckin kinkshame me, u slut. ;P

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