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Miscellaneous Articles/Art

All (non-CD5K) original works made by me that isn't directly related to either of the two writing projects will be posted here. (Same content as SDWB Tumblr & FA Journals/Scraps.)

  • Story Ideas Things I would write, but, effort. 2019-03-03
  • The Lawyer Could you spare an hour of your time? 2019-00-00
  • Moist Dreams The racier things my sleeping mind has hallucinated about. 2019-04-29

D4 Damager

These are the adventures of "Jack", a demon-possessed security guard.

  • Character Bios Get to know Jack (and Jill (and their alt-universe variants)) 2019-00-00

Heavenly Slices

What would happen if lonely adults were haunting the robot animals? When it's night at Freddy's, the pizza is great and the company's even better.

  • Character Bios Meet the six dorks you'll be dealing with at this place. 2019-00-00
  • Never Alone Again Fritz turns to an app to help him deal with social isolation. 2019-00-00

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